Full Spectrum 05/10/2021

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Pricing tiered by volume; call for quote
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Live Resin capsules, live resin tinctures, dabs, bulk liters, live resin carts & disposables, D8 Vapes, D8 & CBD Gummies, and Cigerettes/Prerolls
The Hemp Collect
Cash, wire, direct deposit, ACH, check

: The Hemp Collect

Live resin is the top tier of quality in cannabis and hemp is no different. With the D8 market evolving and competition increasing, live resin is a great way to stand out as a quality brand/distro with something new. Live resin can be sold a dab or formulated into a variety of products. It is made by taking freshly harvested plants and freezing them before they dry out to maintain the plants photochemistry including delicate terpenes. To learn more about this product and/or to get a quote please give us a call.


We have live resin tinctures, capsules, grammed out dabs, gummies and other products available ready made if you don't want to manufacture.

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