Cannabis Quality Dabs: Badder, Sugar *Compliant*

Full Spectrum 05/10/2021

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Trusted industry supplier led by professionalism and integrity specializing in bulk inputs and cannabis quality consumer goods.

Bulk or White Label available

Pricing tiered by volume; call or email for a custom quote

Shipping insurance available

Refunds available to ensure product quality and satisfaction
The Hemp Collect
Cash, wire, direct deposit, ACH, check

: The Hemp Collect

If you are a quality-focused company or selling to consumers or businesses seeking cannabis quality products these are a must-have. Dabs are an excellent compliment for flower and vape sales. The textures and effects were formulated to emulate best selling cannabis dabs,

Our dabs are formulated with different combinations of CBD Live Resin, THCv, CBDv, CBN, CBG, CBDa, Delta 8, and HHC.

Our dabs are federally compliant under the farm bill.


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