Isolate 09/10/2021

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CBN - $5,500/kg, >98% spec

CBC - $10,000/kg, >95% spec

CBT - $15,000/kg, >95% spec

CBDV - $30,000/kg, >98% spec

THCV - $35,000/kg, >98% spec

CBDA - $5,000/kg, >95% spec

CBG - $1,500/kg, >99% spec

CBD - $500/ kg, >98% spec

CBGA - $5,000/ kg, >95% spec

THCO Pricing:
1-2 kg .................. $1,500/kg
3-100kg ---- 1200/Kg
American White Label CBD
American White Label

: Dereck Loero

THCO Pricing:
1-5kg .................. $1,500/kg
25-100kg ---- $1,300/Kg

We will honor these 1-5kgs prices for 25g amounts for formulation testing/assessment for our customers in anticipation of 1+ kg orders in the future.

Call / Text (808)-346-6752 Dereck

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us via TEXT, CALL, or EMAIL.

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