Manufactured Products 09/23/2021

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Capsules, Gummies, Drippers, Tinctures, Carts, Disposables, Bulk Liters (Live Resin, D10, THCv, THCO, D8, CBN, CBG avail). CBD, CBG, & Delta 8 Cigarettes, Pre-Rolls, A+ Outdoor, Light Dep & Indoor available.
The Hemp Collect

: The Hemp Collect

With a maturing market, we've seen a rise in demand for dabs and cart-ready extracts. Consumer sophistication is seeking cannabis-quality options with flavorful & aromatic profiles like those in developed cannabis markets.

Our in-house formulation specialists have spent time developing our dabs to be the best on the market (we've tried others to compare). We are unrivaled in quality and effect.

Our dabs are created with the intention to feature prominent top-selling textures from rec markets with a thoughtful range of cannabinoids to hit desired effects including potency, night-directed blends, & focus-based day blends.

Delta 8 Live Resin Dist (potent cart-ready blend)
CBD Live Resin Dist (balanced cart-ready blend)
Delta 8 Live Resin Sugar (balanced, flavorful, unique texture)
CBN Knockout Badder (potent, flavorful, unique texture)
Live Resin Crumble (balanced, flavorful, unique texture)

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