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: Taurage, Lithuania
Futura 75 kief 13% CBD
Made from EU certified industrial hemp variety Futura 75.
Cleaned hemp pollen - trichomes from female hemp flowers.
Ecologically grown without the use of additives or insecticides.
Lab tested. 13% potency of CBD.
These materials can be sold in powdery material or pressed in 7 x 14 cm bars as CBD Hash. Cold pressed green bars. Heat pressed brown sticky bars.
Available more than 300 kilos.

Also we can offer:
-High quality hand picked Hemp buds for tea or smokes.
-High quality hand picked 20 cm long Hemp buds.
-Crushed-chopped flower material with seeds.
-Crushed-chopped buds without seeds and stems 6% CBD.
-Fermented Hemp Bud tea.

Prices depends from quantities so just let us know quantities and we will offer best prices.
Worldwide shipping. Standard international shipping. DHL. UPS. DPD.
For more information contact us:
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0.7 - 3.0 €/g
0.7 - 3.0 €/g


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