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: Colchester, Essex
Uncle Herb are now representing an American hemp farm who are taking the production of 0.2% hemp flower to the next level by offering customers the opportunity to sign contracts for guaranteed 0.2% hemp flower this harvest.

The farm has onsite testing facilities and will monitor THC levels during flowering to ensure an EU legal product. Total THC will be measured from the top flowering buds to ensure compliance.

This year they are producing 3 strains; Cannatonic, Sour Tsunami and ACDC. Grown organically with only sunlight and water.

Options available include;

Biomass suitable for extraction $50 per pound (lb)

Untrimmed flower $150 per pound (lb)

Trimmed flower $250 per pound (lb)

Contacts are available for minimum orders of 100 pound (lb). Discounts available on large quantities. Deposit required.

Other products available. Please contact us by email for more details in the first instance.
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    Posted on 08/21/2018 at 06:39:55