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: San Diego, CA
250,000lbs+/100 Acres Dry CBD Flowers beeing harvested now in Medford Oregon USA 30% already Dry ready for processing. We are looking for labs to help processing this crop into isolate in Oregon only no out of state facilities. Mobile labs welcome for onsite crude processing, 60/40 split farm/lab brokers welcome only seriouse inquirer is please. Call 619 972-5280
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Dry Flowers CBD %12 -15 content split processing 60/40 farm/lab
Fields are currently drying approximately 30% dry and ready for isolate processing, split processing 60/40 farm/lab with farm controlled supply pending daily lab output. Currently 1000lbs per day committed, any additional commitments are desired until supplies last. Serious inquiries only, brokers welcome. Please call 619 972-5280