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: Bellevue, WA
We have 30 acres of premium sun grown feminized CBD hemp for sale grown at our licensed facility in Maine. These plants are pesticide free and only fed organic nutrient teas with watering. This years crop has produced a variety of great phonemes that are packed with trichomes and carry a great smell and taste. All flower will be dried and cured at our facility and we will have an estimated 20,000 lbs for sale. We will be testing our flower in 500 lb lots and are happy to send samples for your own testing. See below for purchase options:

Rough trimmed - a few fan and lower leaves. Price will be less than full trim ($175/lb)
Full Trimmed - Hand trimmed removing all fan and lower leaves. Product will be ready to be sold to consumers ($275/lb)
Biomass - We will have shredded biomass that we anticipate to have average potency of 10% (Call for Pricing)
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Contract pricing is available.

Shipping is handled through buyer.