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: Lithuania, Europe
Our EU Certified CBD hemp buds:

Our family grow hemp legally in Lithuania Europe, we do the tests according to EU regulations, THC content is less than 0.2%.
Our flower buds, leaves, stems and seeds of the plant are harvested by hand and dried naturally with great ventilation before they are manually processed and sorted.
Our strain and CBD profile:
Futura 75
CBD profile: 1.7% THC tested below 0.05%

2018 New Harvest EU Cert Bio:
Felina 32 2.41% CBD 0.08% THC
Fedora 17 1.87% CBD 0.05% THC
Futura 75 2.13% CBD 0.08% THC
Can arrange sample, min 1kg.
Please contact for inquiries.
More Details
15,99euro/ 50g Hand trimmed Hemp buds Free delivery
26.99euro/100g Hand trimmed Hemp buds Free delivery
For EU we offer bigger quantity sales and whole sales
With every package we offer COA and seed batch certificates and THC test results
Please contact us at