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: Ashland, Oregon
We have facilities with dryers, licensed and INSURED. Visit our website for details. Here's a summary:

• HARVEST SERVICES: Our machines can harvest 50+ acres in a day
• DRYING YOUR BIOMASS: We dry 10s of 1,000s of pounds per day with dryers and have limited space for hang drying.
• BAGGING: After your biomass is dried, we can put into high quality super sacks with plastic lining, seal-able plastic bags with nitrogen injection for long term storage.
• SELLING YOUR PRODUCT: We have Buyers and can sell your product for the best possible price as we'll have a LOT of product all in one place and Buyers are coming to us already.
• STORAGE: We can safely store your product for many months.

As you know time is of the essence. Services that are available now MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE NEXT WEEK!. If you need the help RESERVE YOUR SPOT IN LINE AND GET SCHEDULED! If you can't pay upfront we can accept product for payment for services with cash deposit
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