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: Harper, Oregon
Straight run 13%-18% CBD, .1%- .3% THC seed.
Strain: Bubblegum Feral.
Averaged plant size: 9'-11'.
Can grow up to 19'+.
Grows rapidly, 6-7 month finish time.
Finished plants average yield 3 lb - 5 lbs of flower. Have had 10+ pound producer.
We currently have 2 strains of seed Bubblegum Feral, 12%-18% CBD on average. .1%-.2% THC. Then we have Our Cherry Kandahar. 12%-16% avg. .1%-2% THC avg. $1 per seed or $10,000 per pound. Averaged 11-12,000 seeds per lb. We will give a 10% increase in the amount of seed we send on orders over 100 seeds for they are around 10% male from my experience.
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$1 per seed or $10,000 per pound. Please send us an e-mail with any questions/an order or to set up a phone call. We also have other CBD biomass and unprocessed plant stock.