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George Williamson
: Ashland, Oregon
Our biomass is perfect for the finest manufacturers who seek to produce the most pure and effective products. The perfect product starts with a perfect biomass. With such potency, this product is perfect for small scale processors. We fill small orders timely.

Harvested from the stalks of mature flowering plants, and dried to preserve terpenes. This product is not burnt or moldy, it's just right!

Buyer pickups preferred--shipping can be problematic.

Able to fill orders of thousands of pounds of biomass or cured flower.
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$7 x %CBD x Lb. <100 Lb.
$6 x %CBD x Lb. <100-1,000 Lb.
$5 x %CBD x Lb. <1,000+ Lb.

Cured Flower varies. Email for details.