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: Sisters, Oregon
We are a small organic farm in Oregons high desert fed by some of the cleanest mountain spring water in the world. We have 4 strains all from Oregon CBD. Elektra, Lifter, Special Sauce and Suver Haze all grown from seed using organic and biodynamic agriculture practices. No pesticides or fungicides used. This top flower has been slow dried and cured to preserve terpenes.

Test Results:
Elektra 17.16% CBD
LOQ> Delta 9 THC

Suver Haze 17.98% CBD
LOQ> Delta 9 THC

Lifter 18.56% CBD
LOQ> Delta 9 THC

Special Sauce 15.88% CBD
LOQ> Delta 9 THC
More Details
5lb Minimum!

5lb @ $450 per lb
6-50lb @ $425per lb
51-500lb @ 400 per lb

Shucked/bucked and Trimmed:
5lb @ $600 per lb
6-50lb @ $575 per lb