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: Ordway, Colorado
"UXTRACT" offers onsite extraction for less! Our state-of-the-art lab processes 300 lbs of flower per day resulting in a de-waxed (winterized) beautiful oil.

Our professional team is easy to work with and determined to lead the industry in quality and price.

If you have a minimum of 2,000 lbs of flower/bio mass with COA test results and CBD content of 7% or more, we will extract your harvest at your location.

Our fee is based on a sliding scale determined by both CBD content and the amount of flower/bio-mass you have onsite. Note: If your COA has less than 7% or you have less than 2,000 lbs of flower, contact us for viable extraction options.

CBD Content..... Our Fee
7% - 10%............ 35%
11% - 15%............30%
16% - 22%............25%

Written contract required prior to extraction process.

We are quick, efficient, and have buyers available!!

Thank You
James Tindall &
Corey Gaines
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