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: San Miguel, CA
San Clemente Naturals offers hemp genetic development for low THC (below .3 THC) high CBD, Terpene, and other cannabinoids that are not scheduled and legal for production.

Current seed stock available:
(BAOX x Otto2) x Colorado Cherrywine
Recommend planting between 2500-3630 plants per acre
Biomass testing between 7%-9% CBD and .2%-.3 % THC with 1%-2% terpenes.
Planting Mid May
Harvest late October
Yields between 2-3 lbs per plant of destemmed biomass.

I'm also including links to three videos from our farm:
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1-10lbs. $5,000
10-25lbs. $4,500
25-100lbs. $4000
100+lbs. $3,500