Isolate 3777 11/29/2018

We are Different

We are a national leaders in the U.S. hemp industry working since 2012 to connect buyers and seller in this rapidly evolving and growing industry.
Abraham Paiss and Associates, Inc.
10 grams
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: Neshama Abraham

Boulder, CO

Take advantage of our direct-to-farm and direct-to-lab relationships to provide buyers a dependable and affordable ongoing source of high-quality CBD Isolate. Our team has been supporting the U.S. hemp industry since 2012. We created this U.S. hemp supply chain to ensure larger buyers have a reliable source of CBD Isolate with greater than 99.5% purity produced from sustainably grown Colorado hemp.

We offer a selection of CBD-Isolate packages at great prices.

1 gram - $14.95
5 grams - $79.95
10 grams - $139.95
50 grams - $599.95
100 grams - $999.95
250 grams - $1,999.95
500 grams - $2,499.95

All our isolate is produced in a cGMP and ISO 9000 facility.

For more information call Neshama Abraham @ 303-413-8252 or by email at
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