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: Gervais, Oregon
7.06% CBDA | LOQ D9 THC | 0.242% TOTAL THC

We’ve received Certified-Kind™ Organic Status for the 2018 Season, with extensive review/inspection of our farming practices including more than 200 pesticides tested to Non-Detect levels (Independent 3rd. Party PDF Labs attached).

Our genetics are a High CBD to THC Ratio F1 Hybrid Cross between a Ringo’s Gift and Otto II / Baox with this specific lot of our hand harvested, de-leafed, machine bucked, rack dried flower containing 7.06% CBDA | LOQ Delta-9 THC and 0.242% Total THC.

High-Level Bullet Points:
• 14 Acres
• 24,000 Plants
• Certified Kind Organic
• High CBD:THC Ratio Genetics (11-15% | LOQ Delta-9 THC)
• Feminized Plants (no males)
• Raised Beds / Drip Irrigation
• Hand planted, weeded, harvested
• Latest in Technology (56 Field Sensors measuring paired with satellite imagery)

More info/pics/videos on the farm can be found at the following links:
• https://www
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- Payment in full by wire/bank transfer due upon quote/invoice signature and placement of order prior to shipment FOB Gervais, Oregon.
- We anticipate orders to ship within (3-5) days of money received and order being completed and packaged.
- All prices quoted are payable in United States dollars and do not include taxes. Sales, uses, federal, state, value added, occupational and excise taxes, and the like where applicable, will be the responsibility of the customer. Appropriate exemption certificates or direct pay permits must be supplied by the purchaser at the time of the purchase order issuance for tax exempt purchases. The collection and remittance of taxes are the responsibility of others.
- Shipping and handling is FOB Gervais, OR and is the responsibility of the customer, including insurance. HEMPTEK will help to coordinate shipping.
- All sales are final.