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Gervais, Oregon

Premium, Certified-Organic Hemp Derived CBDA Shatter from our ODA Licensed, Certified-Organic Industrial Hemp Farm in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. With over 14-Acres and approximately 24,000 Feminized Plants, we are one of Oregon's Premier Suppliers of Organic 50:1 Hemp CBD Flower and Whole-Plant Extracts.

Tested for more than 200 pesticides to Non-Detect levels and COA Lab Analysis at 73.5% CBDA with Complete Terpene Profiles maintained due to sub-critical cold temperatures used during extraction. No artificial terpenes used.

$7,500 per KG / Liter

Certified-Organic Farm Features & Benefits:
• 14 Acres | 24,000 Plants
• Certified-Kind™ Organic Status | #NoPesticidesEver
• High CBD:Low THC Ratio Genetics (Extracted from 11.5-15%+ CBDA | LOQ THC Flower)
• Feminized Plants (no males)
• Raised Beds / Drip Irrigation
• Hand Planted, Hand Weeded, Hand Harvested
• Latest in Technology (56 Field Sensors + Satellite Imagery)

Crude and Distillate also available. Contact
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