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: sunbeam

Niagara Falls, NY

Our pure CBD isolate is 99.97%, and comes with full certificates of analysis and is below spot price. $7,000 per KG for 1, $6,000 for 15KG, or as low as $5,100 for 100KG. We offer trimmed high CBD 15-20% flower, and we offer FREE white label solutions for 1 to 3.5 glass jar solutions. We provide custom qr codes for lab results, barcodes, labels with YOUR logo and info, and only jar up the BEST bag appeal flower. Go to our site to see examples and start the process. We have 1.5G prerolls, also with white labeling options, kief, cbd oil concentrates, rosin dabs, and more. We are a large scale flower processor in NY, and walk ins are welcome! We utilize an HPLC gradient system for cannabinoid profile testing for each lot we sell. Don't gamble with out of the country fakes from Turkey, buy direct and pickup in person!
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Raw and lightly-processed
hemp materials only

$29.97 / listing
$9.99 per month for 3 months
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Extracted/finished products
and support services

$149.97 / listing
$49.99 per month for 3 months
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Business profiles and
company info

$14.97 / listing
$4.99 per month for 3 months
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Member profiles and

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