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Fathom Inc.

: Fathom

Denver, Colorado

Fathom is the world's first physical hemp exchange. We help farmers prepare their hemp flower best for extraction and then sell it for them. It's our goal to mitigate your risk by providing the following services:

- Advanced Post-Harvest Processing: We industrial shuck, dry, and test hemp to prepare it for sale
- Portfolio of Buyers: We bring validated buyers to the table and handle the transaction for you
- Priority: Product we process gets first priority with our buyers
- Insurance: We have insurance on transportation and our bonded, climate controlled facilities
- Diversification: Process what you can, let Fathom help with the rest
- Transparency: We update you every step of the way and want to create lasting business relationships

Post-Harvest Processing (Drying and shucking): $4/lb. (goes up 9.7.19)
Sale: 5% of total sale value

States we are serving in 2019 for drying: Colorado, New Mexico

Please check us out at
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