Ancillary Services 869 08/27/2019

Currently accepting baled material for drying @ $4/lb

Please send pricing for flower on the stalk, bucked, and/or machine/hand trimmed
Amota Processing Center

: amotagroup

Roseburg, OR

Please send us your pricing for on the stalk flower, bucked, or trimmed.

We offer trimming and bucking services to clients.

The Amota Processing Center successfully dried over 1 million pounds for clients from all over Oregon this year. We developed best SOPs for efficiency and organization amongst the space including harvesting crews, intake, inventory storage, trimming, bucking, and distribution.

We buy and sell smokeable flower and biomass while serving as a storage and distribution center for clients all over Oregon. Our services come highly regarded and we are owners of, a leading B2B hemp marketplace that lists over 10 million dollars in product.

We have hundreds of thousands of pounds in our inventory and are already taking reservations for next years harvest. DON'T PROCRASTINATE ON DRYING SPACE, every farmer this year will tell you their biggest regret was not having dry space, harvesting services, and sales channels. We have all of that and more!
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