Full Spectrum 493 10/07/2019

CO2 Hemp Processing Facility located in Colorado Springs, CO - Looking for partners to provide bio, or sell premium products.
MBX Industries
On Request

: petermbx

Colorado Springs, CO

We’ve got a little bit of inventory to sell to make some room and some capacity to fill. Located in Colorado Springs, CO.

We’ve got crude some 50%+ CBD W/D Crude as low as $600/kg.

As well as some 65%+ CBD (70%+ totals) W/D Crude as low as $850/kg

Limited amounts of 80% CBD Distillate as low as $1600/kg

Potency and Pesticide COAs for all, samples available upon request. Lab tours welcome.

Tolling from bio to crude or distillate available as low as $10/lb, low minimums. Will entertain splits.

Contact ben@mbxindustries.com or DM here.
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