Distillate 2870 11/15/2019

$1750 Buys all 40
$2000 per small Quantity
Wire Transfer or Credit Card

: Dereck Loero

Denver, CO

Currently, our rates for TFree distillate $2,000 per kg for small quantity $1750 Buys all 40

Extracted at our lab in Denver, Colorado, this highly-purified honey-gold distillate comes from the best in hemp. Our passion is delivering high-quality hemp products at a reasonable cost point, giving the value back to our customers. Priced at $2,000-$1750 this liquid gold distillate oil has a beautiful coloring and thick viscosity. It contains 80% total cannabinoids with under 0.3% delta-9 THC, making it fully compliant with current federal regulations.

Testing documents are included with all shipments, COAs and samples are available upon request. For additional information or to reserve today, contact us at support@americanwhitelabelcbd.com or get in touch directly at 808-346-6752.
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