Equipment 222 11/25/2019

West Elk Land & Hops

: David Warren

PAONIA, Colorado;

Brand new/never used. Sells for $9000. Asking $7800.

EzTrim DeBudder (Outdoor Model) Hemp Bucking Machine

The DeBudder gently removes the buds and even the fan leaves from the stem. Simply cut the plant down, separate individual branches from the stem, and then run the branches through the holes.

One person using this machine could multiply his productivity by up to 5 times. Using the speed control, you can run dry material at slow speeds and wet material at higher speeds. Buds can be immediately put through the Bud Sorter or can be directly transferred to the Satellite. In comparison to the Indoor Debudder, this version has two of each size hole so multiple people can use the machine with ease and it has wheels better suited for the outdoors.

EzTrim Outdoor DeBudder Features:

Works with wet or dry buds
Variable Speed Control
Adjustable tip sizes
Lightweight and easy to move
Easy to clean and maintain
Finish 15 Indoor sized plants per hour without damaging your quality!
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