Raw Oils 314 01/08/2020

Current stock:

1st batch
Colorado biomass extracted
300 L 67%+
550 L 62%-66%

2nd batch
Colorado biomass extracted
1700 L 62%-66%
600 L owned in house
1100 L owned by toll client

3rd batch
Oregon biomass extracted
Awaiting COA representing this batch
1700 L 63%-67%
700 L owned in house
1000 L owned by toll client
10 Kilos
Certified Check

: EsoHealth CBD

Las Cruces, New Mexico

We have a large extraction plant of 30 years where our primary focus has been on the extraction of color from chile, such as paprika. We recently converted our system to run hemp at about half capacity, or roughly 50,000 lbs per day of input material. We have tolled roughly 685,000 lbs of hemp in the last 3 weeks which resulted in almost 75,000 lbs of raw crude that is going through winterization at this time. We are producing around 2500 kilos per week of winterized crude and are looking to establish relationships with other processors. If we can interest you in any of the winterized crude we have available, we would make it worth the time. With our capacity we can hit numbers most can't. If I can answer any questions about the process, our certifications or anything else, just let me know. Hope to speak with you soon.

We can also dilute in ethanol for international shipment or another carrier of your choice.

Continuous supply contracts of 1000+ units get lowest pricing available.
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