Distillate 318 01/20/2020

This is Non detectable totally THC free cbd distillate with a nice amount of minors present.

ounces available for 175$ or half kilos available for 1250$

Dont deal with these brokers! it takes forever and they are incredibly unreliable. Deal directly with the lab. Thats why we try to deal directly with our clients.
H2 Processing
28 grams
wire transfer, cashiers checks, paypal, venmo, cash, credit card services will be available soon hopefully

: Hunter Heide

Orlando, FL

This material was processed using 200 proof ethanol. No Pentane, hexane or any other harsh chemicals have ever touched this material. This material has great color! smells sweet like cherries. Slight sweet taste. Immediately available up to 25 kilos. Have more product incoming with volume based upon demand that we see over the next 2 weeks.

COAs available upon request.

Heavy metal, pesticides, Herbacides, Mycotoxins, and solvents all test clean. Florida has some of the strictest requirements in the country so if it passes our tests it will pass tests anywhere else in the country!

Feel free to call me Direct at 407-697-0863
-Hunter Director of Sales and Marketing
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