Full Spectrum 394 03/12/2020

$3.50/gram of active CBD/CBDA

On the potency test, you'll notice that there is an abundance of cannabinoids in their native acid forms (CBDA, CBGA, etc.). This is the intentional result of the minimal-processing approach we take to working with herbs, including hemp. We can and often accommodate our customers who seek a different acid-to-neutral ratio. However, if your formulation(s) require heating, then going into production with a higher acid-to-neutral ratio will work favorably, as heat transforms (decarboxylates) the acid forms into neutral forms.

To that end, phytocannabinoids found in raw (whole) hemp extract display unique therapeutic effects that may contribute meaningfully to the entourage effects of cannabis-based medicinal extracts. There is also growing evidence that cannabinoids in their acid forms (CBDA, CBGA, etc... precursor to transformed neutral forms... CBD, CBG, etc.) are promising, efficacious compounds. View Dr. Rafael Mechoulam's (godfather of CBD) keynote address on the chemistry behind cannabinoid acids (skip to minute 9:20) - https://youtu.be/B76d3mGY5dg
Craft Batch Botanicals
1 kg
ACH, Wire Transfer

: Ron Zighelboim

Boulder, CO

We've been producing herbal remedies for 20 years, so we have particular know-how in processing herbs for medicinal purposes. We are experts in Spagyric extractions, an ancient method used to make medicine. It's this know-how that has led to the production of this USDA Certified Organic Raw Hemp Extract we believe results in the highest-quality and most efficacious CBD products on the market.

Included in listing is a chromatograph that compares a conventional extraction and a Spagyric extraction of the same exact hemp biomass. As you'll see, the abundance of cannabinoids between the two extractions is a night and day difference. We believe increased cannabinoid abundance (different than potency) leads to higher bioavailability, a superior entourage effect, and improved efficacy.

We are an FDA registered and inspected facility located in Longmont, Colorado, with USDA Organic handling certification.
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