Isolate 548 04/09/2020

Available Now - Prices subject to Market - Please call

We typically have kilos ready to ship out daily. Please schedule a time to come visit us at our lab in Welby, Colorado.

We also offer other minors; CBC, CBDV, CBG, CBDA, THCV, CBT and of course CBD.

Contact our Head of Sales:
Krystle Jarrett
Precision Plant Molecules, LLC
Check, Money Order, Wire Transfer, Paypal

: Amanda

Welby, Colorado

What makes Us A Trusted Manufacturer?
*Fully Customizable Profiles and Ratios
*Naturally Occurring Phytocannabinoids
*100% THC Free Isolates, Concentrates, Extracts as well as Full Spectrum
*Product Formulation Consulting and both Hemp Derived and Plant Precursor Versions
*Trusted Supply Chain Partner for Leading Canna and CPG Companies Globally

What Makes PPM Unique?
Precision Plant Molecules is led by a team of advanced-degreed scientists with pharmaceutical industry and university research backgrounds representing over 100 years of chemistry, food, natural products, and plant medicine experience.

PPM is committed to advancing the science and providing bulk minor cannabinoid based ingredients for more efficacious, innovative products and customizable true whole hemp plant extracts.

Every day, every team member at PPM is inspired by the possibilities of plant-based medicine and remedies, and Mother Nature's genius.

Clean. Consistent. Compliant.
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