Isolate 804 05/06/2020

We have kilos ready to ship out daily!

We are a vertically integrated company based out of Northeastern Colorado. What makes our high-quality CBD isolate different from other companies is that we handle your product from start to finish. Our nearly 3000 acres of homegrown hemp is planted, harvested, dried, and refined within the L7 family. Our team has been supporting the U.S. hemp industry since 2018. We are here to offer our clients a reliable source of CBD Isolate with greater than 98.7+% purity from family grown Colorado hemp!
L7 Ag, LLC
1 Kilo
Check, Money Order, Wire Transfer, ACH

: Bobby Lebsock

Sterling, CO, US; Steling, CO, US

We offer a selection of CBD-Isolate packages at great prices:
1 kilo - $800.00
2-5 kilos - $600.00
6-10 kilos - $575.00
11-24 kilos - $550.00
25+ kilos - $ Call for pricing

Please Contact:
Tracey L (970)580-6195 or

**All Prices are subject to change without notice due to market conditions and availability
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