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We are Legit Ship CBD and we are here to simply help connect the dots between Buyers, Suppliers, and Service Providers. Whether you are looking to promote Premium Products or Professional Services you currently have available, new unreleased Products and up-coming Services, or maybe you’re not happy with your current Suppliers, Products, or Pricing. You could be simply just sourcing new avenues for Premium Products or Professional Services you would like to explore? Well, Legit Ship CBD is here to help facilitate your needs and guide you in the right direction! We have a very large network and we can help connect you with a wide variety of Premium Products such as Seeds, Biomass, Smokable Flower, Crude, Distillate, T-Free, Isolate and much more! Professional Services such as Planting, Harvesting, Drying, Processing, Transportation, all the way down to the final sale of your Products!
Legit Ship CBD
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: Legit Ship CBD

Medford, OR

At this time, we are buying Premium Flower in any stage meaning on the stick, bucked, machined, hand finished, smalls, etc. Must meet the following requirements to qualify: Bright Green, Loud Nose, NO Seeds (very light seed OK), NO Mold, No Pesticides, No Brown, NO BS. Only looking for Premium Products if you think you have something that fits our requirements please contact us as soon as possible! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call, email, or check us out a! Interested in working with our team? Contact us today and ask about our Independent Contractor Agreements, start today without a penny to your name! Only looking for Motivated, Ambitious Individuals to join the team if you’re not hungry this is not for you. We appreciate your time and energy very much, looking forward to working together soon!

Corey Rauch

Adam Gillette
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