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UltraPure CBD Isolate 99%+ $800 Kg
UltraPure CBD Distillate THC-Free $2200 Kg
UltraPure CBD Distillate 0.3% THC $1,800 Kg
UltraPure CBD Distillate Full Spec 3% THC $750 Kg ** Colorado only
UltraPure CBD No-Crash No-Cut Vape oil $4500 Liter

Large Bulk orders please call 941-724-7146
Mountain Sciences
1 Kilogram

: Chris Grzep

Centennial, Colorado

Mountain Sciences produces UltraPure CBD in bulk Isolates and distillates to accommodate the larges users. We deliver the consistent quality you need every time from 1 Kilogram to 1000 kilograms, write your SOP one time with Mountain Sciences! We can also custom formulate as per customer specifications. To see pictures of our state of the art laboratory go to .
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