Distillate 1017 07/04/2020

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Pure Broad Spectrum Hemp Distillate
99% Delta-8 THC
True Industrial Hemp INC
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: Mark Keller

San Diego, CA

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to True Industrial Hemp Inc, and our new pilot program of Delta-8 THC Isomere, from the True Industrial Hemp plant.

Please, community you need to do your own legal homework, but all products come with education on full legality of delta 8 thc.

We currently stock the following products:

- Delta 8 OG Cartridges - 1g - Clear Concentrate - 80% delta8 THC - $20/g
- Delta 8 OG Dablicator Oil Tubes - 1g - Clear Concentrate - 99% delta8 THC - $15/g
- Delta 8 OG Kilos - 1000g - Clear Concentrate - 99% delta8 THC - $6/g

Q&A please lookup the 2018 bill (Senate), exemptions of laws to be followed, that states legality, of all exempt isomeres besides delta-9 THC.


Mark Keller
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