Equipment 199 09/09/2020

Tumbleweed Systems
Available on request

: Liquid Mellow

Medford, OR, USA

The Tumbleweed is simply the best drying solution available on the market today.

• The most economical and efficient way to dry your hemp
• Lab results show a higher CBD level when dried in the Tumbleweed
• One of the most high tech solutions available in the market
• Fully mobile unit that can easily be transported to your fields
• Design and engineered in Germany
• Utilize a 440 watt generator allowing for drying in remote places
• The drying and receiving units fit on two lowboy trailers.


When CBD dries, it naturally falls off of the hemp colas, sometimes called the buds. Test show 4% is the normal amount of loss during the drying process. The Tumbleweed dryer catches all the CBD that falls off and places it back on the dried biomass thus our test results have indicated you lose less than 1% of your CBD.

Contact us today

We are beginning to set our calendar for the 2020 season and we are getting booked up. Contact us for more info 916-893-4262
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