Distillate 746 09/19/2020

Email or Call for Tolling info. Price varies depending on volume for Tolling Services. Can use Isolate or Distillate as Starting material.

D8 For sale:
10+ kilos for the $1500.00 price.
1-9 kilos are $1750.00

There are 60 Kilos of this batch available. No batches are ever more then a week old! Larger contracts are always open for negotiation.

Can be shipped priority or ground.
H2 Processing
H2 Processing
Not Applicable
1 Kilogram
Wire Transfers, Zelle, (Possibly Venmo or Cashapp for smaller orders. Not preferred)

: Hunter Heide

Orlando, Florida, United States

Direct! no brokers, no dealing with 5 people to make a deal happen. Amazing Color! Very, Very stable. Inquire for stability videos. Does not move at all. No smell, No taste, ready to be flavored with your flavors of choice!

Made without the Use of caustic acids and chemicals like most processes require.
Feel free to reach out for COAs and any other information.

All purchases come with all paperwork beginning with the license of the hemp used originally.

We follow cGMP protocols and are a couple weeks out from receiving our certification.
We also have a Food Processing Permit, Which has helped some of our clients with certain issues regarding CBD in Food. This is a unique certification to Florida, where instead of CBD processing licenses, we are given Food Processing Permits which is the same permit any company making food in the nation also has to aquire and abide by. We are inspected by the Department of Health and have to keep an incredibly clean lab!
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