Processing 237 09/23/2020

Elite Canna Solutions
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: Sage Alexander

Asheville, NC, United States

Elite Canna provides completely transparent, 100% trackable hemp handling services to farmers who want to get their time and energy back by hiring trimming experts devoted to producing the industry's most beautifully manicured, value-maximized hemp flower.

Our team of handlers are capable of processing high volumes of top-tier, package-ready hemp flower per day through the use of our advanced tracking system, the world's best hand-trimming equipment, and a staff comprised of passionate hemp enthusiasts.

With discounts available for larger lots, our trimming service gives you the flexibility to get back to doing what you want, with the confidence of enlisting a team that is as excited about getting the most value for your product as you are.

Our client portal gives you real-time access to your lots progress, including flower, trimmings, undesirables, notes and even photos of your crop during the process.

Contact us now and get up to double the value expected for your crop!
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