Distillate 340 10/19/2020

Now Available
Mountain Sciences Product + Pricing:
UltraPure CBD Isolate 99%+ 1-5kg: $600kg
DM Chris directly at 941-724-7146 for bulk orders + pricing
UltraPure CBD Distillate THC-Free $999.00 Kg
UltraPure CBD Distillate 0.3% THC $999.00 Kg
UltraPure CBD Distillate Full Spec 3% THC $500.00 Kg ** Colorado only
UltraPure CBD No-Crash No-Cut Vape oil $4500 Liter
Mountain Sciences LLC
1 (One) kilogram
Wire and Credit Card

: Chris Grzep

Centennial, Colorado, US

Now Available from Mountain Sciences
THC Free Distillate $999.00kg with COA
DM me directly with offers
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