Processing 360 12/02/2020

40 liters
Wire, Cash, Check, ACH

: Daniel P

Sacramento, ca, usa

Hemp2Oil is a full-service, 3-acre processing facility located near Sacramento CA, providing cost-effective, high volume THC remediation and extraction services using no solvents or chemicals, or heat for extraction, resulting in truly full-spectrum end products.

Our highly-efficient processes can deliver THC-compliant products at extremely cost-effective prices. Remediation can be performed directly from your winterized and decarbed crude, saving the expense of producing distillate first. First-pass distillate can also be run. Because our process is solventless and free of toxic chemicals, minors stay intact, resulting in finished products that have excellent entourage effect and enhanced bioavailibility.

Let us show you how you can turn your low-value full-spectrum crude into high-value T-compliant oil. We'd love to discuss that with you...
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