Distillate 621 01/10/2021

We offer vegan delta 8 gummies! Best tasting gummies in the market! With Zero Hemp Taste! We offer 25mg and 35mg gummies of pure delta 8 in stock. Order usually ship within a week or less. You can also mix our available flavors or ask for your very own custom flavors. We do it all!

25mg Gummies.

30,000 pcs + = .39cents
10,000 pcs + = .30 cents
5,000 pcs + = .50 cents
1,000 pcs + = .57 cents

35mg Gummies
30,000 pcs + = . 50 cents
10,000 pcs + = .59cents
5,000 pcs + = .70 cents
1,000 pcs + = .75 cents

We also offer our 25mg gummies for .75 cents each with any other less than 1000 pcs.

We offer gummies in ready for retail packing under our own brand. We package the gummies in 500mg bags, 15 gummies inside. Our vape cartridges come in a magnet box. and the disposable vape comes in its own box aswell. Please reach out to us to find out more.

We also carry stock of disposable vapes 500mg each in the following Terpene infused flavors; Watermelon zkittles , Strawberry Cough, Green Apple and Blue Raspberry. Custom flavors also available for whitelabel orders. Each cost $15 and includes display box.

We also have class cartridges carts 1000mg each in the following strains: Blue Dream, Granddaddy Purple, Green Crack, Elektra, gelato 41. All with hemp deprived terpenes. custom terpenes also available upon request. Each cost $20 dollars all packaged and ready to go.

Tinctures are available Effect based terpenes. You can choose between energy, focus, and calm. And in the following flavors Blue Dream, Granddaddy Purple, Green Crack, Elektra,Blue Raspberry, Watermelon, Green Apple, and Strawberry, gelato 41. 1,200mg , 2000MG and 5000mg strengths available. Prices start at 15 dollars

All orders ship Priority. There are discounts available based on volume of orders! Please text 719-373-1768.
Pure Xen
we accept any method methods. We can send you an invoice to pay.

: Jane Delon

Dover, New Jersey, United States

Our 35mg Delta 8 gummies are the most popular, strongest and tastiest hemp derived gummies available. You can select from stock, or customize your very own delta-8 formula to stand out from the crowd. Our gummies are in high demand right now. They are all vegan and thus can be enjoyed by everyone! Available in Blue Raspberry, Watermelon, Green Apple, and Strawberry. Our gummies are lab tested, full-spectrum and we guarantee every order. No one can beat our prices or quality.

All vape pen, carts, and tictures can be done using custom flavor or terpenes. We also offer Effect based terpene for any of our products.

We sell white label, or under own brand, If You choose to carry our products under our brand, every order will come with custom boxes and display boxes included in the price. We are able to custom your order completely. Please text us at 719-373-1768 with any questions or request
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